My First Book About DNA - Author Katie Woodard - In the News
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Katie Woodard in the News

2/15/05:  The University Bookstore is now carrying the book at the following locations: Bellevue, Downtown Seattle, University of Washington (on the Ave, at the Health Sciences Building, the HUB, Henry Art Gallery, Burke Museum), Mill Creek, Bothell, and Tacoma.  You can also order it online at or by calling 1-800-335-READ.

09/27/04: My First Book About DNA is now available at Third Place Books in Seattle.

04/20/04: Katie and her husband are expecting their first child (a boy) on November 17th.

04/5/04: Katie was shown in the TheOlympian after investigating a bar shoot out.

10/20/03: Katie's interviewed in a Northwest Cable News special about the differences between Television's CSI and real forensic work.

03/23/03: Katie in the Seattle PI in an article about the new state crime lab.  Katie's picture, the article.

03/13/03: Katie's New book (My First Book About DNA) featured on one of the Internet's most popular biology sites. See Her DNA Book Review Here

12/24/02:  The first copy of "My First Book About DNA is created."  Order Your Copy Online.

12/12/02:  Katie is Interviewed in an article from the Seattle Times about the new crime lab.  Read the article.